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“Hey Conrad & Richard

Big ups n’ thanks from all of us for arranging. We had a sandblast!

The 4 x 4 ride was a bit harrowing so we calmed our nerves afterwards with pizza, beers and a few rounds of Mexican liquid gold.

Till next time………..”

Gilad Lang from Project Concern (Cape Town)


“Thanks for the skydiving experience! It was an absolute adrenaline rush and the whole group loved it! No one could stop smiling after the jump! We are all game for another soon.”

Katherina Oberlerchner from Austria


Sandboarding was the sickness! Cant wait to go again!”

Shaun Duwe from Anything Goes (Cape Town)


“I had an amazing time in CT thanks to all the great tours Snapshot arranged. Canyoning, skydiving and quad biking were unforgettable experiences!!”

Charlotte Caesar from the Netherlands


” After reading some reviews on trip advisor I turned to Snapshot for my activities. Lucky I did as it turned out to be an amazing experience…

I was looking forward to horse riding on a beach and I would like to personally thank Richard and Conrad who helped make my experience on Long beach in Noordehook a unique one. My husband and I spent a wonderfully romantic afternoon which calls for a repeat!

Thank you guys ”

Simona Aversa from Italy


” Thanks to everybody at SnapShot, I ended up having the best Cape Town holiday of my life!

Coming from Joburg, I was expecting to have a normal Cape Town holiday of beach and bars, but I decided to contact the guys at SnapShot and was thrilled to be taken on a non-stop extreme party!

After a morning quad-biking session we missioned off to do some kloofing in the most beautiful place I have ever seen – crisp clear water and jumps that got my heart racing a bit. All in All it was an amazing adventure and will do it again in a heartbeat, I may even try my luck at the other extreme options on offer as I regretted not being able to do all of it!

If you find yourself anywhere near Cape Town, get in touch with SnapShot, they really know how to get you having fun! ”

Brett Lipman from Black Robot (Johannesburg)


” After a group of my cousins from Canada came to Cape Town, I wanted to give them a uniquely South African experience. The obvious choice was Shark Cage Diving! I contacted Snapshot adventure tours and travel and they were able to accommodate all 5 of us at very short notice and organized an unforgettable experience. The sharks were there in full force and we had many fantastic experiences including a great white thrashing its tail against the cage (perfect replacement for a morning coffee). All in all an awesome experience and many thanks to SnapShot.”

Tsepo from Cape Town


” From the first meeting with the Snapshot crew I knew my trip was in safe hands. I was really keen on going skydiving but just didn’t know how to go about it. After meeting with the Snapshot crew everything was seamless. They organized my skydiving adventure and transportation, all I had to do was relax and soak up the rest of what Cape Town had to offer. Personalized quality service and great value for money! ”

Bradley Elliot from Platinum Seed Marketing (Cape Town)


” It was LEGENDARY!!!! Skydiving was freakin’ cool. Thanks to you the whole day was an amazing experience I’ll never forget! Everything was well organized and relaxed.

It was just an incredible experience! Can’t wait for the next adventure with you guys!

Looking forward to Shark Diving and Sandboarding 😉

See ya soon


Pete Mase from Germany ____________________________________________________________________________________________